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Psyllium Seed
Psyllium Husk
(Plantago Ovata,Ispaghula)
Psyllium Husk Powder
Psyllium Industrial Powder
D Husk Seed
Organic Psyllium
Material Safety Data Sheet
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Organic Psyllium

What is Organic ?

Organic farming is a production system that avoids or largely excludes the use of synthetically produced agricultural inputs like fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulators, live stock feed additives etc.

Organic crops had significantly higher levels of all main nutrients analyzed compared with conventional produce including vitamin C (27% more), magnesium (29% more), iron (21% more) and phosphorous (14% more). Scientific evidence supports that organic fruit and vegetables generally contain more nutrients than non-organic food. Organic crops and fruits contain higher levels of phenolic compounds than conventionally grown fruit. They also contain 10% to 50% more antioxidants than conventional crops.

What is Organic Psyllium ?

Organic Psyllium is USDA 100% certified organic. This means that from the time the seeds are planted until the moment you purchase the final product, you have the assurance that our Psyllium is grown without pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers, contains no additives or sweeteners and is of the highest quality available.

In whole husk form, derived from the seeds of the herb Plantago Ovata, Psyllium husks are a rich source of soluble fiber.

Benefits of Organic Psyllium :
  • Reduce Blood Cholesterol Levels
  • Reduce Risks of Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Beneficial To The Digestive System
  • Prevention of Colon Cancers
  • Provides Organics Nutrients & Fiber
  • Raw-Food Nutrition
  • Cleansing & Nourishing The Intestinal
  • Prevention and Relief of Constipation
  • Good For Diet (Weight Management)
  • Coated Lactic Acid Bacteria


Material Safety Data Sheet

Product Name
- Psyllium Seed
- Psyllium Husk (Plantago Ovata,Ispaghula)
- Psyllium Husk Powder
- Psyllium Industrial Powder
- D Husk Powder
- Organic Psyllium
First Aid Measures
Not harmful to body at all
Handling and Storage
Not classified as dangerous goods. Store in well-closed fumigation chamber godown to protect from Moisture, Insects and Rodents.
Transport Information
By Road, Rail, Ship, Air but with clean and sound condition and full covered or airtight containers to protect from Moisture, Insects and Rodents.
Exposure Control and
Personal Protection
Physical & Chemical
Natural Product
Fire/ Explosion Hazard Data
Stability and Reactivity
If stored in fumigation as permitted
Toxicological Information
Ecological Information
Regulatory Information
Keep Moisture below 45° when bags or super sacks are open.
Disposal Consideration
On swelling by water
Precaution to be taken in safe handling and use
Material should not be kept open for more than one week as it gets contaminated.
Control Measures
- Personal
- Protective
- Equipment
- Protective Gloves - Rubber or Leather
- Hair Mask
- Apron
Close Condition
Work/ Hygiene Practices
Material should be fumigated with Methyl Bromide, If stored for more than 30 days and every 6 months.


Product Information Chart

Name of the Products :

Psyllium Seeds (Plantago Ovata, Ispaghula Seeds)
Psyllium Husk
Psyllium Husk Powder

Description :

Psyllium Husk consists of the epidermis and the collapsed adjacent layers removed from the dried ripe seeds of Plantago Ovata Forsk (Fam. plantaginacae.) Powder is a pulverized form of the Husk.

Physical Data :

Purity (all products) 70% - 99%
Density (powder) max. 0.75 ml/gm
Sieve range (husk & powder) 14-100 mesh
Swelling coefficient (volume of min. 30 ml/gm Mucilage produced in 24 hrs. by max. 100 ml/gm 1 gm. of husk or powder) min. 30 ml/gm
max. 100 ml/gm
Moisture max. 12%

Chemical Data :

All Products contain mucilage which is mainly composed of xylose, arbinose and galacturonic acid, rhamose and galactose has also been reported. The seeds contain in addition to mucilage, semi-drying fatty oil (5%), small amounts of ancubin and an active principle exhibiting acetplcholink like action.
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